Ye Olde Book Fair Has Begun!

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All Royal Subjects:  Come to the North Gym now through Tuesday, November 4 and ENTER THE KINGDOM OF BOOKS.  Tour Sir Readalot’s Castle to find books fit for a king (or a queen).

Book Fair Hours:

Friday, 10/31: 3-4

Sunday, 11/2: 9-1 (Open During Brunch)

Monday and Tuesday, 11/3-11/4: 7:45-8:30; 11:00-12:15; 3:00-4:00

Box Tops Contest Winner Day–Pink Rules the Day!

We love our students’ and staff’s school spirit!  Give ‘em a contest and look out.  Congratulations to the girls on winning the Box Tops Contest.  In honor of the female of the species, we all wore pink.

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