Cougar Code

Since Central Lutheran School bears the name of our Lord and Savior and is dedicated to His honor and glory, all of us must represent our school with behavior and attitudes that are pleasing to Christ and further the cause of His kingdom. Our conduct and speech should always seek to follow God’s directive to “love Him above all and our neighbor as ourselves”. In order to direct our behavior down the path our Lord sets before us in the Bible, the Cougar Code has been established:

Come ready for academic success

Only act in a very respectful manner

Use the JOY model (Jesus-Others-You)

Give my gifts and talents back to God

Accept responsibility for my words and actions

Remain on task

Show God’s love to everyone I meet

Our goal at Central Lutheran School is to work together with families to encourage positive growth in the area of discipline:

  • We believe that a student is responsible for his/her own action(s).
  • We believe that a student has choices in his/her behavior.
  • We believe that by working as a team we can recognize positive behavior and redirect negative behavior.
  • We believe students will learn to recognize that there are natural consequences as a result of his/her choices.

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