What is PTL? It stands for Parent Teacher League.

What is the purpose of this organization?

  • To bring a closer relationship to Home, School, and Church.
  • To provide parents and teachers with skills needed for Christian Child Nurturing.
  • To help teachers increasingly understand the needs of the Christian home, and to help parents understand Central Lutheran Day School and Preschool.
  • To raise funds for the special needs and activities of Central Lutheran School.

Who is a member?
All parents and/or caregivers of a student or students at Central Lutheran are members of PTL.  All are encouraged to attend business meetings and volunteer for events and fundraisers throughout the year.


  • Open House/PTL Business Meeting-September
  • PTL Brunch- October
  • PTL Business Meeting-January
  • PTL Movie Night-January
  • Spring Fling-March (every other year)
  • PTL Business Meeting/Officer Elections-April
  • Janet’s Jungle Plant Sale.  Sales last March 3-April 15.  Plants arrive April 30; customer pick up May 1 & May 2.

All business meetings are held at the school. The 8th Grade class provides baby sitting during the meeting free of charge to families.  PTL provides a light snack is for children and sitters.

Why is it important to volunteer for PTL activities?
There are many opportunities throughout the year.  For example, each fall and spring, Central Lutheran PTL along with Central’s Athletic committee is given the opportunity to staff the concession stands at the Benton Youth Soccer Association games on Saturdays in Atkins.  For each ‘season’ which is 5-6 Saturdays in the Fall and 5-6 Saturdays in the Spring, we have made a profit of around $3,000 or a total of $6,000 per school year.  Each person that signs up for a 2 hour shift makes approximately $12.00 per hour for our school!

Other events that require a lot of volunteer power include the Brunch, Spring Fling, and Plant Sales.  These events raised an additional $20,000 this past year!  Successful fundraising will allow our students to continue to provide for classroom teacher needs, enable student enrichment activities such as field trips, and address changing technology needs that are above and beyond the typical school budget.

How are PTL funds used?
During this past school year, the PTL organization has purchased books for the library, provided funding for field trips, purchased materials for music, science, and P.E. class use, given funds toward honor bands and show choir competitions and uniforms, purchased an industrial vacuum for the school, given funding for further development of the CLS website and the REACH program that targets increasing enrollment, given money toward debt reduction for the building project and provided teachers with $100 each for purchasing supplies for their classrooms.  This would not be possible without your support!

PTL Executive Board 2011-2012:

  • President: Sara Tjelmeland – 319-446-7785
  • Vice President: Nicole Becker – 319-446-7715
  • Secretary: Shawnee Krueger – 319-560-1786
  • Treasurer: Elaine Weirather – 319-223-7008

To find out how you can help with our next PTL event please contact the school at 319-223-5271.

PTL would like to express our sincere thanks for your help in making your child’s school a better place through your willingness to volunteer!

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