Please take time to read some testimonials about Central Lutheran School from current and previous parents and students. These testimonials show really show what Central Lutheran is all about and how we teach our students to be disciples in this life and for the life to come.

“My name is Suzie Kochuyt and I have 2 children at Central Lutheran School.  I didn’t go to CLS when I was in grade school but I did go to a “sister” school just a county away.  I have always known that I wanted my kids to go to the same kind of school that I attended where they learn how to put God first in their lives.  They not are not only taught this at CLS but they can see it each day in the actions of the teachers and staff.  I feel blessed that we have found a school that puts God first, has great academics, offers a whole selection of sports and extra-curricular activities, teaches the value of giving and serving others and where I know my children are safe and loved.” – Suzie & Dale Kochuyt (Parents of 2 current CLS students)

“My husband and I were looking for a school that had wonderful Christian values and faith-based learning where the school would put Christ first in all they did. We saw the signs (thanks to Jennifer Hayden) and called and have been pleasantly pleased with the school principal and teachers (Mrs. Williamson to be exact).  Dustin is loving his first year at CLS.” – Alecia & Brian Weems (First year family at CLS)

“As both an alumnus and teacher I’ve always felt blessed by the Christian atmosphere and outstanding education here at Central. However, I’ve never felt the benefits more strongly than when I sent my own three sons here, knowing that they were safe in a loving, Christian environment where God’s grace abounds. My husband Dan and I are grateful for the opportunity to send our children here.” – Susan & Dan Voss (CLS Parents and Alumnus)

“Our daughter Mary started Central in the 7th grade. As a type 1 diabetic (with other medical difficulties) we felt that a smaller school setting would be a better environment for her. It would  make it easier for her to monitor and control her situation, thus getting her better prepared for high school. Going to Central has helped her do that, and more: she is learning her Catechism as well as getting  a top-notch academic education. She is blossoming into a fine young Christian lady because Central gave her the tools and environment she needed to succeed.” – Carl & Nancy Bode (Parents of a CLS 8th Grader)

“The number one most important thing that we want for our children, educationally speaking, is for them to receive God’s Word in the context of their everyday lives at school, just like they receive it at home.  We’ve found this ONLY at Central Lutheran School.  This is important to us because God’s Word is different than our words.  It isn’t empty and powerless; God’s Word does something:  When God said–“Let there be light”–there was light.  When Jesus said to the lame man–“Take up your mat and walk”–he took up his mat and walked.  And when our children hear God’s Word of love and forgiveness it offers them a life beyond any we could give them ourselves.” – Kris & Corey Boyles (Parents of 3 CLS students & 1 alum)

“I attended Central Lutheran School in the early days, at its beginning. I have enjoyed watching it change and develop into the school that it is now, with high academic standards and teachers and staff who care about the students they mentor. Most importantly, we as Christian parents, are thankful that our children are in God’s word daily. All five of our children have attended or are currently enrolled at CLS. Our oldest son transitioned easily into high school in large part because of the experiences and academics offered at Central. We feel thankful for this school and the message that is shared daily with our children: that Jesus loved them enough to die for them.” – Becky & Scott Thompson (Both CLS Alumus / Parents of 4 CLS students & 1 CLS Alum)

“While attending Central Lutheran School (grades K-8), I occasionally overheard comments regarding the quality of the education I was receiving.  Without a clear sense of how Central Lutheran compared, I didn’t give these comments much thought.  Only after graduating from Central and attending a nearby high school did I better understand the benefits I had received.  I found myself well prepared and able to excel in a new environment.  I credit Central Lutheran for providing a strong foundation for future educational and professional success.” – Clint Pecenka, PhD Graduated 1994

“When we moved back to Iowa we considered sending our girls to public school, but after comparing Central Lutheran to public school, there was no comparison. Central Lutheran School was hands down the better choice as far as high quality education and a good family oriented school that teaches our children more than an education, but a Christian way of life that will follow them the rest of their lives. We love CLS!” – Randy & Carol Woodley (Parents of 2 CLS Students)

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