Hi, I’m Shauna Voelker!


Hi, my name is Shauna Voelker. This is my first year of service at Central Lutheran School. I have three daughters: Lilly, Maggie, and Mattie, they all attend CLS. My hobbies include: Reading, doing puzzles, playing board games, watching Marvel movies, spending time with my girls – especially taking them to various sports and activities! My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 28:20, this verse has always been special to me and I was grateful to be able to have it as my Confirmation verse. I have been a member of St John Lutheran Church in Newhall my whole life. I also attended CLS from preschool to 8th grade, and am so excited that I am able to work there now! I am also one of the Sunday School teachers here at St John. During church you can usually find my girls and I sitting in the balcony with Grandpa (my dad, Tim Rathje), he is my earthly rock and helped lead me on my Christian journey!

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