Registration & Tuition

Early registration  begins on February 1st, and runs through April 1st for the 2019-20 school year.  Please print the forms contained within the packet below.  Fill them out and submit them according to the Registration Packet Letter instructions (1st Page).

2019-20 Enrollment Packet

Any family who is currently enrolled at Central OR any families who are members at St. John Newhall, St. Stephen’s Atkins or St. John Keystone may enroll or re-enroll during this time frame.

New families are welcome to begin registering on March 1st!

Families who register during early registration are encouraged to do so with a lower enrollment fee.  (see below)

Classrooms are capped at 25 students.  Enrollment is determined on a first-come, first-served basis with preference given to families of the three contributing churches.

Early Enrollment Fees (Feb 1st – Mar 31st):

  • 3 year-old Preschoolers: $70 per child
  • 4 year-old Preschoolers: Free (contingent on funding of State grant)
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade: $315 per child (REACH families pay enrollment fee, not tuition)

Open Enrollment Fees (April 1st and beyond):

  • 3 year old Preschoolers: $70 per child
  • 4 year old Preschoolers: Free (contingent on funding of State grant)
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade: $385 per child

Special note for preschool parents: Please indicate on your registration form whether you prefer a morning or afternoon session (see page 2).   In late May, Mrs. McKinney and Mr. Parris will determine the am/pm assignments and make every attempt to accommodate your preferences.

K-8 Tuition Schedule

(Membership at St. John Newhall, St. John Keystone or St. Stephen’s Atkins)

  • Member – per child:  $2,900

(Mission:  Membership at all other churches or no church home)

  •  Mission – per child:   $4,500

Preschool 3s

  • $950 per child for the year; does not include milk

Preschool 4s

  • Free under State grant; parent pays daily milk charge


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