Financial Aid

Central Lutheran School (CLS) is open to all families, no matter financial situation or religious background. We have many ways to assist families and never want tuition to deter from attending CLS. Please contact Principal, Frank Parris for any questions.

Education Savings Account (ESA) – On January 24, 2023, Governor Reynolds signed the Students First Act into law, just two weeks after introducing it in her annual Condition of the State address. The bill makes state education funding available for K-12 students who choose to attend private schools. Click here to learn more.

Special Partners in Christian Education (SPICE) is a local scholarship program. The budget comes from donations and from memorials. Scholarships are awarded to families who qualify under the latest Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. Anyone who applies for SPICE must also apply for ILSTO. Applications available from school office.

Funds will be awarded only to those who have:

1) applied for a scholarship through Iowa Lutheran School Tuition Organization (ILSTO).
2) completed a SPICE application and submitted the necessary paperwork.

A limited amount of SPICE funds are available. God willing, your personal blessings along with an equitable share of our SPICE funds will make it possible for your child to attend Central Lutheran School at an affordable cost.

Tuition Assistance Credit (TAC)

Please download our Special Partners in Christian Education (SPICE) form for more information.

Tuition Assistance Credit (TAC) is the easiest of all scholarships to receive.  Anyone who requests TAC will receive it.  There is no application form; simply check the line for TAC on your tuition worksheet.

The money in the TAC fund comes from church support, donations, fundraisers and gym rental proceeds. A formula is applied by the administration to come up with each family’s portion of TAC.

Please contact the office for more details.

Iowa Lutheran School Tuition Organization (ILSTO)

The ILSTO provides scholarships to qualifying applicants who wish to attend a Lutheran School. The organization is Lutheran, but recipients may be any denomination. This is a needs-based scholarship, meaning you will need to provide proof of your income when you submit your application. The good news: their financial guidelines are generous. They use the latest poverty guidelines times three.

Go to to learn more about eligibility and to download the application.

 Central Account Incentive Program (CAIP)

When individuals purchase SCRIP, the school receives a percentage of the purchase. (The percentage is set by the vendor.) When CLS families purchase SCRIP, they can ask that 40% of whatever the school earned on their purchases go to their own tuition account. If you’re doing a big remodeling project and purchase SCRIP for materials, this can add up quickly.

CAIP credits are paid out four times a year and are applied directly to a family’s tuition account.  If a tuition account is paid in full, a check in the amount of the credit will be issued directly to the family.

To direct your SCRIP dollars to your own tuition account, please fill out this form (SCRIP 40 Percent Designation Form) and submit to the office.

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