Volunteer with us at CLS

Take a look at the opportunities below. We’d love to have you!

  • Parent Teacher League (PTL)– All parents and/or caregivers of CLS students and staff are automatic members of PTL. Everyone is encouraged to attend quarterly meetings and events. Contact: Alexis Hatch, Brittanie Roetman and Abbie Rathje.
  • Marketing Committee– Responsible for marketing the school and school activities to CLS family and community. This committee reports to the CLS Board. Contact: Katie Stien
  • Facilities Committee Responsible for assisting with any structural or cosmetic issues at the school that need worked on. Examples could include replacing light bulbs, door locks, lockers, etc. This committee reports to the CLS Board. Contact: Kurt Slouha, Greg Silhanek, Steve Krug
  • Technology Committee– This committee is comprised of CLS staff. They help make decisions on technology needs for the school. contact: Contacts: Alison Getka and Kristin Meyer
  • Library Committee– This committee helps make decisions for the school library and oversees the Annual Book Fair. Contact: Shauna Voelker, Becky McKinney, Jess Fry
  • Staff Appreciation Committee– The goal of SAC is to show appreciation to the staff of CLS. During National Lutheran School Week, SAC will also recognize and thank the school board members, pastors and other volunteers for their time and talents. Contact: Heidi Williams, Denae Slouha
  • Spring Fling Committee– Consists of parents in 1st and 6th grade classes. They are responsible for organizing, publicizing, planning and supervising this bi-annual event.
  • Brunch Committee– Consists of parents of the 4th grade class. They are responsible for planning and organizing the Annual Brunch, which takes place the THIRD Sunday of October.
  • Open House Committee– Responsible for cookies and refreshments during the fall open house. Contact: PTL Board
  • 8th Grade Graduation Committee– Consists of the parents of the 7th grade class. Contact: Becky McKinney, Kristin Meyer
  • Annual Production Committee– If the musical is being presented by the students in Kindergarden-4th grade, then Kindergarten parents/guardians will organize and plan for refreshments following event. If 5th -8th grade students are presenting the musical, then 5th grade parents will organize and plan for refreshments following event. Contact: PTL Board
  • Plant Sale Committee– Responsible for organizing and executing the Annual Spring Plant Sale. Contact: Abbie Rathje & Jess Fry
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